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Rings Information

We at Dhawan Gems provide all types of Astrological Gemstone Rings, Birthstone Rings, Gemstone Rings, Raashi Rigns, as per your requirements. Some common types of gemstones rings information are as follows:

Copper Gemstone Rings
These kind of rings are made with the copper for astrological gemstones

Silver Gemstone Rings
These kind of rings are made with the silver for astrological gemstones. Silver birthstone rings not only make an attractive fashion statement, but they can also reflect various aspects of your personality. The stone for each month of the year represents certain characteristics and attributes. Regardless of what your birthstone stands for, all the gems are thought to bring good luck and good health to the wearer. Early civilizations believed that the color in the stone brought out its power to protect the one who possessed the gemstone.

Gold Gemstone Rings
These kind of rings are made with the gold for astrological gemstones. Thease rings are prepare with Genuine Gemstone Rings in 14 karat yellow gold.

PanchDhatu Gemstone Rings
These kind of rings are made with PanchDhatu for astrological gemstones. Zodiac Power Rings are based on the sun signs and are to be worn as per your birth dates. Zodiac Power Rings enhance the willpower, confidence, assertiveness & concentration of the wearer. Thus they help you excel in your business, job, studies, profession, career, relations, etc., by improving your personality. They help reduce all the anger, mental tensions, mood fluctuations and stress felt by the human body, thereby increasing our productivity on the whole.Concentration Power, Will Power, Confidence, Assertiveness, Peace of Mind & Overall Health & Wellbeing are some of the benfits that can be attained through Zodiac Power Ring. How is that possible ? It is because of the Panchdhatu properties namely the combination of 5 metallic substances like Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron & Zinc as prescribed in Ayurveda. Zodiac Power Rings are performance based rings that have the ideal combinations of Panchdhathus. It is to be worn as per one's sun sign or date of birth.

Birthstone Rings
Birthstone Rings which are made with the Genuine astrological birthstone rings as per your requirement. These kind of rings are made with Birthstone of your choice. We will guide you which one is better Astrological Birthstone Gem for you.

Emerald Birthstone Rings
Birthstone, Emeralds for the month of May, Emeralds rings are beautiful and have a special meaning because it shows that you remember her birthday as well. They are unique promise rings with a style that is very personally hers.

Men's Birthstone Rings
It has been believed for many centuries that gemstones had supernatural powers. Wearing a ring or other jewel with a birthstone was supposed to bring good health, wealth and fortune. It was only around two to three decades ago that, men started getting concious about the jewelry they wore. The man birthstone ring was one of the jewels that gained popularity and jewellers peddled crudely made rings with low quality craftsmanship and gemstones.

Yellow Sapphire Rings
Yellow sapphire rings are often considered to be the most sought-after finger rings after those carrying diamonds and rubies. Yellow sapphire is considered a sparkling gem, representing the planet Jupiter, and is traditionally regarded as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and fortune. Yellow sapphire is considered by many people to be the most sparkling gemstone after diamond and ruby. Traditionally yellow sapphire is believed to represent the planet Jupiter and signify such universal human traits as wisdom, virtue, knowledge, and fortune.

Gemstone Stack Rings
These kind of rings are made with three or more gemstones of your choice. These types of rings are very useful in personal and professional. You can choose any kind of gemstones or brithstone for the Gemstone Stack Rings.

Ruby Rings
Ruby rings look great in yellow gold, white gold, and with diamonds or without diamonds. In fact, rubies are one of the most popular side stones for diamonds and also one of the most popular. The fiery color of the ruby symbolizes devotion, passion, desire, and luxurious opulence. It was once believed that the wearer of a ruby was blessed with health, wealth, wisdom and outstanding success in affairs of the heart.

Opal Rings
Opals are so pretty and elegant. Opal ranges from clear through white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black. These kind of rings are made with Opal gemstone of your choice.

Pearl Rings
Peral Rings also Known as the "stone of sincerity," pearls are thought to promote faith, charity, innocence, integrity, truth and loyalty. These kind of rings are prepare with genuine qualilty of Pearls.

Some other types of rings are also available in the market. We provide all king of rings as per your requirement.

Aquamarine Rings
Black Diamond Rings
Blue Sapphire Rings
Blue Topaz Rings
Brown Diamond Rings
Mystic Topaz Rings
Pink Sapphire Rings
Sapphire Rings
Smokey Quartz Rings
Tanzanite Rings
Three Stone Diamond Rings
White Gold Diamond Rings
Gemstone Rings