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How and When to Wear Astrological Gemstones, Birthstones

When to wear Astrological Gemstone ?
When choosing what astrological gemstones to wear, don’t just coordinate your jewelry with your outfit, but coordinate with how you feel and what you would like to be revealed on that day. Know the general meaning of a gemstone and the stones from your birth month and/or zodiac sign and colors that you like. Don’t wear stones you don’t like or don’t feel good on you. The energy of most stones extends about three feet. Gems that you wear or keep close to you have a strong affect on you.

How to wear Astrological Gemstone ?
After you have been prescribed to wear a particular GemStone, then the question arises; What is the proper way to wear a GemStone. Here is the answer to this question. Though the proper procedure to wear a Gemstone is a bit lengthy and I will explain all the steps, but you can skip the last step which includes Mantras if you are not comfortable with it.

As you get your Astrological GemStone fixed in a Ring, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the Ring should have an open base and the Gemstone should slightly come out of it so that it may touch the skin of your finger.

This way you can get best results from a astrological Gemstone. And once you get the Ring ready, the next thing to do is to keep it immersed in GangaJal or Holy Water or Unboiled Milk for about 24-48 hours in a small bowl. By doing this we get rid of any type of negative energy which may be present in the Gemstone due to processing, touching with dirty hands and anything else. This Step is called ShudhiKaran or Purification of the Gemstone. Then in the next step the Gemstone is worn on the day prescribed and the time prescribed.

A generally good time for wearing Gemstones is the time just before the Sunrise which is also known as Bramha Muhurata. Take a bath and then Sit or Stand somewhere clean and place the bowl in front of you and Chant 108 Mantras for the planet for which the Gemstone has been prescribed.

For example if you have been prescribed a Ruby or Manik, you would be generally advised to wear it on Sunday and the Mantra would be OM SOORYAAY NAMAH which should be Chanted 108 times. Same is the case with other Gemstones. By doing this step we are asking the concerned planet to bless us. This step is called Praan Pratishtha or Establishment of the Gemstone. After this you can wear the Gemstone.