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100% Genuine Astrological Gemstones Information

Diamond Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Diamond Gemstone Information:
Diamond is one of the precious gemstone in the world. Diamond is famous for its play of colors. Diamond makes a person fearless, gives him patience, purity and good manners. It emits a very delicate bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering lustre when exposed to light.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Information:
The Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj assigned to and ruled by Jupiter is of yellow colour and whatever class it belongs to, it is used for getting the benevolent blessings of Jupiter. This is one of the most widely used gemstone to help achieve better financial status. It improves vision, gives life security, protects ones from poverty, removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. Yellow sapphire (pukhraj) is transparent, smooth and weighty and also found in many colours - white, light and deep yellow and light orange. Yellow color sapphire is very famous type of gemstone.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Blue Sapphire Gemstone Information:
The Blue Sapphire also known as Neelam. Blue Sapphire removes the bad effects of evil-doings. This Blue Sapphire gem (Neelam Stone) should always be worn after giving it a trial. If it suits the wearer it removes his poverty and gives the wearer almost everything a man could desire, namely, health, wealth, longevity, happiness, prosperity, name and fame.
The most common source is the Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia, Thailand, Africa and Kashmir(India). The Ideal(common) size(weight in ratti) for Blue Sapphire Pukhraj is 4.25 ratti, 5.25 ratti, 6.25 ratti, 7.25 ratti, 9.25 ratti.

Ruby Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Ruby Gemstone Information:
Ruby also known as Manik. The Stone of Pinkish Red color, it generally occurs in crystal of six sided prism. Ruby is the Gemstone, used to enhance the powers of the Sun. An individual whose Sun is well placed in the birth Chart can never be unsuccessful. Ruby (MANIK) is the stone associated to "SURYA", the planet SUN and the SUN is the supreme power of the SOLAR SYSTEM. In astrology as well, SUN is always on top in every manner.

Emerald Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Emerald Gemstone Information:
Emerald also known as Panna. Emerald is Velvety green in color, The most coveted emerald is that which is radiant and smooth and has neither cracks nor dots. Emerald harmonizes and strengthens the positive influences of Budha or mercury. These influences include intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing, drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect and commerce. Emerald is the Gem associated to 'Budha', the planet Mercury. As per Indian astrology, Budha is the son of Moon (Chandra) and is the smallest planet in the solar system.

Pearl Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Pearl Gemstone Information:
Pearl is also known as Moti. The lustre of Pearls varies with the nature of layers and different ocean beds seem to yield Pearls of characteristic tints. Colours may be white, black, yellow, blue, salmon pink, red, brown, green, etc. The rosy sheen is considered the best and is most expensive. Pearls having this sheen almost exclusively come from the Persian Gulf.

Hessonite Garnet Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Hessonite Garnet Gemstone Information:
Hessonite Garnet is also known as Gomed or Gomedh. Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) is the stone of planet "Rahu", the dragon's head. In Indian astrology, Rahu is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of "Sinhika" the daughter of "Hirnyakashyapu". Gomedh natural significations include worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, gratification, and ignorance. It is by nature unpredictable and creates sudden changes and influences, rigidity and passion. It is similar to Sani or Saturn in its nature and influence. Traditionally, rahu is known as the "head of the dragon".

Opal Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Opal Gemstone Information:
Opal is the most colorful of all gems. Its splendid play of color is unsurpassed, and fine examples can be more valuable than diamond. The play of color consists of iridescent color flashes that change with the angle at which the stone is viewed. This phenomenon is often called opalescence. The play of color may consist of large, individual flashes of color, or may be of tiny, dense flashes. It is called the queen of gemstones and has neen treasured since times immemorial for tis extra ordinary beauty. It is must for those born in the month of October.

Red Coral Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Red Coral Gemstone Information:
Coral is also known as Munga or Moonga. Mars/Mangal is the chief of the assembly of the nine planets. It is also personified as the god of war. It is regarded as a malefic planet in astrology and gives its natives the ability to put their own desires above those of others. It's colour is red and the ruler of the direction - south. It is the symbol of blood and perseverance in human life. The gemstone related to Mars is Coral and its zodiac signs are the Aries and the Scorpio. Coral gemstone creates many virtues like courage, perseverance, capability to face and solve circumstances and problems and enables a man to take risks. Coral gemstone is also an ideal gem for a happy marital life.

Cats Eye Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Cats Eye Gemstone Information:
Cat's Eye also known as Lahsunia. Cat's Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the "tail of the dragon". In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). It's influences are similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha-enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden. Ketu's influence in the physiology is represented by the tail of the caudate. It's influence is over learning and emotions. It's wearing removes physical weakness. Mental worries are removed. If cat's eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person.

Torquoise Gemstone Information - Dhawan Gems Torquoise Gemstone Information:
Torquoise is also known as Firoza or Feroza. This gem is a very important gem as it has immense powers and properties. Firstly it is very effective for any type of eye problems, when it is placed on the eyelids, it cures all the types of swelling of the eyes, and also helps in restoring back your eye vision.

Rudraksha Information - Dhawan Gems Rudraksha Information:
The term Rudraksha (Rudra i.e. Shiva + aksha i.e. eye) literally stands for the eyes of Lord Shiva or Rudra implying thereby that it was pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva, and hence so named in His honour. The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are by virtue of its Electrical and Magnetic Properties. Rudraksh beads act as a Stabilizing Anchor. Rudraksha beads' electrical property are: Resistance, Capacitance or the Dielectric Properties, Inductance. Rudraksha has the ability to Change it's polarity.